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Van Steenberge - Gulden Draak

Authentic Dark Red Triple from Belgium 🇧🇪


Brewed by Brouwerij Van Steenberge

Ertvelde, East Flanders, Belgium

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A bit about the beer

Ingredients - Water, hops, caramel malt and re-fermented with Bordeaux wine yeast

As per their website, the Van Steenberge brewery stands for "independence, progress and growth". The brewery has very successfully adapted the traditional art of brewing to make use of current technological developments which guarantees consistent and reliable quality.

The brewery produces very special beers of high fermentation with second fermentation. For the secondary fermentation a wine yeast is used. The fermentation happens in the bottle as well as in the barrel, which ensures that it can be preserved for years.

Gulden Draak (translates to Gilded Dragon in English) is named after the golden dragon at the top of the belfry in Ghent. Since 1986 the beer has been brewed honouring the traditional use of precious hop varieties as well as very unique yeast strains. The brewers at the Van Steenberge brewery are masters at controlling the high fermentation, natural lagering and secondary fermentation processes.

The official description describes the classic dark red triple as "a high fermentation beer with secondary fermentation. For the secondary fermentation, wine yeast is used. The white bottle, the black banner, the golden dragon and the red letters, constitute a stylish result that has no equal among the many Belgian special beers. Gulden Draak can be drunk as an aperitif or dessert, or whenever you have the time to sit back and relax".

For me, poured from a 330ml bottle it has a beautiful copper brown colour with a tanned head with excellent retention. Aromas of roasted malt, banana, bubblegum and spices provides a smell sensation unmatched by any beer I have had. A lot of times beers have great aromas but then the taste disappoints. For this one though, the taste is superb! Notes of caramel malts, spice, fruity yeast even faint chocolate is on offer and combines just beautifully for an amazing taste sensation. Be careful though, it has an alcohol percentage of 10.5 which is not at all present in the taste. The finish is bittersweet (both in the sense that the sip is finished but the next one is on the way and also that there are elements of bitterness and sweetness combined) and lingers in your mouth for some time.

The Gulden Draak classic dark red triple is a special brew indeed! I would rate this as the best beer I have had to date!

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