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Staropramen - Pilsner

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Pilsner from Czech Republic 🇨🇿


Brewed by Staropramen Breweries,

Prague, Czech Republic.

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A bit about the beer

Ingredients – Water, Authentic Saaz Hops, Special Barley and Yeast.

In 1869 Jan Kohout and Vilem Pick had a dream to create the perfect beer. Using authentic Saaz hops and special sorts of barley and yeast they created the beer we know today as Staropramen.

Some extensive modernization to the initial brewery took place between 1933 and 1937 resulting in the brewery to becoming the biggest brewery in Czechoslovakia.

In 1992, Staropramen was the first to change packaging for draught beer to what we know today as KEGs. In 2006 the green bottle was introduced, which was quite unusual for the time. Staropramen also enriched the Czech market with the first beer multipacks as well as self-cooling kegs.

As per their official site, Staropramen beer is today appreciated in more than 38 countries all over the world.

As for this Pilsner review, I think it is a great tasting beer overall. Even though the trend these days is more towards craft beers, the Staropramen Pilsner is still a classic beer. It is brewed with authentic Saaz hops and wheat malt delivering a taste of malt and grains and leaves a nice amount of bitterness as an aftertaste.

It pours a clear golden colour with a decent foam head, although it doesn't last too long.

Overall, as I said, great tasting beer which does a proper job to quench your thirst on a warm day!

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