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South African Breweries - Castle Milk Stout Chocolate Infused

Stout from South Africa 🇿🇦


Brewed by South African Breweries

Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Beer Type

Milk Stout

Alcohol %


A bit about the beer

Ingredients - Water, Pale Malt (GLUTEN), Maize Extract, Crystal Malt (GLUTEN), Chocolate Malt (GLUTEN), Sucrose, Lactose, Caramel, Black Malt (gluten), Cocoa, Hops, Flavouring, Wheat Malt (GLUTEN).

In a previous post I covered the original Caste Milk Stout and gave some details about how South African Breweries started, so be sure to check that one out also.

The chocolate infused version of Castle Milk Stout was originally brewed as a limited edition, but then due to popularity became part of the regular range. Officially the beer is described as "brewed with speciality malts and real cocoa, Castle Milk Stout Chocolate Infused has underlying sweetish chocolate notes that are complemented by the creamy, smooth taste of Castle Milk Stout. Not only is it a great African beer worth enjoying anytime, but it’s the perfect accompaniment to various delicious desserts".

Apart from the real cocoa that is used, the brew masters also use five different types of malts, namely pale malt, crystal malt, chocolate malt, wheat malt and roasted malt to brew this beer.

For me, poured from a big 750ml bottle (it is also available in 340ml bottles and 500ml cans) it has a dark brown (almost black) colour with a tanned head that lasts. Aromas are full of notes of chocolate accompanied by roasted malts. On the taste the chocolate is again the main act, but it is not overpowering at all. The bitter notes from the original milk stout of coffee and roasted malts balances the chocolate and cocoa notes exceptionally well. All the flavours just work together really well to make for a smooth, creamy and very tasty stout. The beer is full of character and in the aftertaste the bitterness lingers with some final hints of cocoa.

This is probably my favourite stout to drink, a really great beer!

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