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Sierra Nevada - Celebration Fresh Hop IPA

IPA from the USA 🇺🇸


Brewed by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Chico, California, USA.

Beer Type

India Pale Ale

Alcohol %


A bit about the beer

Ingredients – Water, Malts - Two-row Pale, Caramelized malts, Hops - Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Yeast - Ale Yeast

Sierra Nevada has featured a couple of times on here previously, so for some background on the brewery and some reviews on a couple of their other offerings, please check out Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Sierra Nevada Dankful IPA.

The official description from their website states - "Once we pick fresh hops, the clock starts ticking. Each year, we visit the Pacific Northwest to hand-select the best Cascade and Centennial hops, race the harvest home, and brew immediately to capture citrus, pine, and floral notes at their absolute peak — aromas and flavors for the perfect winter beer. It’s a magical time at the brewery — has been for 40 years now! — when our brewers huddle around the fermentation tanks, toasting the start of a special season. Wrapped in red, consider Celebration IPA your first present of the holidays".

For me, poured from a glass bottle with a nice and colourful label, it has a great looking golden red colour with a moderate head that lasts. The aroma is loaded with fresh hops and citrus - straight out of hop heaven. The taste follows on perfectly - bitter, hoppy, with some notes of malt and citrus mixed in to create an excellent balance. It is a complex beer, rich and very well made and a definite classic.

This is a well crafted American IPA, and one that hop lovers and IPA drinkers would definitely enjoy!

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