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Side Hustle - The Perfect Distraction Hazy IPA

IPA from the UAE 🇦🇪


Brewed by Side Hustle Brews

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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A bit about the beer

Ingredients – Water, Hops - sabro, mosaic, citra, Malts - 2 row, maris otter, flaked oats, flaked wheat, house ale yeast

Side Hustle brews is the GCC's (Gulf Cooperation Council) first "local" craft brewery. In a region not known for its love of beer, and where alcohol consumption is often frowned upon (and mostly illegal), this is a real accomplishment.

It started when the founder, Chad, realized that the UAE didn't have much of a variety of beers to choose from, just the top global brands. The idea was formed to provide residents of the UAE with craft beer, with a local focus from flavour profiles, names and art designs. They went into partnership with Wayne Milford as brewer and Jeff who owned a hops farm in Pennsylvania where the beers are produced and then transported to the UAE within a week of production.

Back to the perfect distraction hazy IPA. The official description on the can and on the website is as follows - "unpredictable yet unforgettable, oh what a strange year it’s been! Time to sit back and get lost with our deliciously hazy IPA. With its golden straw color, crisp tropical aroma, and the crave-able flavors of fresh citrus, stone fruit and lychee, it truly is the perfect distraction".

For me, poured from a can it has a hazy golden orange colour with only a very slight head that dissolves quickly. Aromas of tropical fruit is very present as well as the usual citrus aromas always present in IPAs. The taste is what makes this truly a perfect distraction, you get notes of citrus and a little lychee that comes through as well as it has plenty of hops but it is not overpowering the taste. It ends with a dry bitterness that lingers along with the combination of the sweet lychee and bitter citrus flavours.

Very impressed with their efforts and the brilliant concept and idea behind their brand and I am quite excited to try the rest of the range from Side Hustle brews!

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