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Nine Tales - Amber Ale

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Amber Ale from Australia 🇦🇺


Brewed by James Squire Brewery

Camperdown NSW, Australia.

Beer Type

Amber Ale

Alcohol %


A bit about the beer

Ingredients – Water, Willamette Hops, Pale & Crystal Malts

The story of James Squire is a rich and colorful tale. From a chicken thief and convict from the First Fleet transported to Australia, he later became the Governor’s bodyguard, a publican, baker, butcher, money-lender, even local constable, and ultimately - brewer! Squire is credited being the first to successfully cultivate hops in Australia around the beginning of the 19th century. He is also accredited to being the first to officially brew beer in Australia in 1790; James later founded Australia's first commercial brewery making beer using barley and hops in 1798.

The Nine Tales Amber Ale is a hand crafted beer made from Pale and Crystal malts and distinctive hops (Willamette and Super Pride), As per the official description on the website this full-bodied, malt-driven beer is characterised by a rich copper colour, toffee-caramel sweetness and nutty finish balanced against citrus hop notes.

For me, this is a great Amber Ale. It does pour a copper(ish) colour, more like deep caramel with an off-white head. Aroma is filled with malty, caramel, nutty flavours. It has a great aftertaste. It is an easy drinking beer, but is packed with flavour.

Will definitely make sure to get my hands on this one again in the near future!

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