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Monastère - Blond

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Blond from France 🇫🇷


Brewed by Brasserie Champigneulles (TCB Beverages)

Champigneulles, France.

Beer Type

Authentic Abbey Blond

Alcohol %


A bit about the beer

Ingredients - Ale yeast, high quality barley malt and noble hops

Monastère Blond is brewed for United Dutch Breweries by Brasserie Champigneulles (TCB Beverages) who are in Champigneulles, France.

The name, origin and recipe of Monastère beers have their origins from two ancient Abbeys in Northern France - The Benedectine Monasteries in Crespin (founded in the year 670) and in Wisques (founded in 1889).

Apparently, the brew masters still use the same distinctive Ale yeast, high quality Barley Malt and Noble Hops to create a range of beers that has exceptional taste and aromas.

This is a great beer! I am a huge fan of Belgian beers, specifically the Belgian Abbey beers (monastic-style beer). The Monastère Blond is brewed according to an original recipe in the style of an Abbey Ale, and it holds its own against some of the best Abbey Ales I have had.

It pours a golden colour with a white head, which although it doesn't last too long is good enough and just slightly creamy. You get an aroma of vanilla, cloves, malt and just a little yeast. The taste is rich in flavours, a little light in bitterness and the 6.5% alcohol does not interfere in what is a great overall taste!

Have one, have many, and enjoy every sip of this beer!

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