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Molson Canadian

Lager from Canada 🇨🇦


Brewed by Molson Brewing

Montreal, Canada

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A bit about the beer

Ingredients - Canadian Water, prairie barley, no preservatives

Founded in 1786 by the Molson family the Molson Brewery is a Canadian brewery and beer company. In 2005 they merged with Adolph Coors Company to form Molson Coors. Today Molson Coors maintains part of their operations at the site of the very first Molson's brewery in Saint Lawrence River in Montreal.

It is also the oldest brewery in North America.

The official description of the lager is "Molson Canadian is made from the best this land has to offer: Canadian water, prairie barley, and no preservatives. The result is a beer as clean crisp and fresh as the country it comes from".

For me, poured from a bottle, it has a clear yellow golden colour with a very thin head that dissipates very fast. Aromas of biscuity malts and corn is present and also very light malt. The taste is not very complex, as to be expected from a macro brewery lager I suppose. You get some bready, malt and corn notes and an aftertaste of sweet malt and a very faint bitterness.

It is a good lager, nothing spectacular, but a smooth and easy drinking beer nonetheless.

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