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Magic Rock Brewing - Murk-Life Balance

Hazy Pale Ale from the UK 🇬🇧


Brewed by Magic Rock Brewing

Huddersfield United Kingdom.

Beer Type

Hazy Pale ale

Alcohol %


A bit about the beer

Ingredients - Water, Hops - Citra, Idaho 7, Mosaic, Motueka, Sabro

Magic Rock beers are starting to have a regular appearance on this blog. For a bit of history about Magic Rock Brewing, check out a previous post about another offering from this brewery - Common Grounds Porter

The official description for the Murk-Life Balance is that it is "a New England – Hazy Pale Ale a using a high proportion of wheat and oats in the grist to add body and aid haze formation. Low bitterness to accentuate a soft mouthfeel and heavily dry-hopped with a blend of juicy hops that impart tropical fruit aromas filled with complex mango, passionfruit and tangerine with a hint of coconut. Fermented with our house yeast, London Fog, for maximum aroma and a slightly sweet finish, it’s a perfectly balanced, smooth and tasty little number".

For me, poured from a can (again the amazing can artwork on display here), it has a hazy, pale golden colour with a foamy white head that lasts. It has a crisp citrus smell with touches of pineapple and mango coming through. The taste is properly hopped, really refreshing with the citrus coming through at the end. The aftertaste is a quite nice blend of slight bitterness and just a bit of sweetness.

This is a zesty, hoppy and well balanced beer, very tasty indeed. I will definitely recommend it and will definitely be having it again.!

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