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Leffe - Brune

Authentic Abbey beer from Belgium 🇧🇪


Brewed originally by The Leffe abbey, today by InBev Belgium

Leuven, Belgium

Beer Type

Abbey beer

Alcohol %


A bit about the beer

Ingredients - Water, dark and torrefied malt, corn, hops and yeast

Notre-Dame de Leffe, an abbey of Premonstratensian canons (monks who live in a community characterized by their hospitality) was founded in 1152. In 1240 the canons built a brewery to make a healthy and invigorating beverage (the boiling of water during the top fermentation process of the Leffe beer killed all germs, and this was especially welcome during a time of plague and sickness across Europe). The resulting beverage - beer - was given to Pilgrims visiting the abbey and who was always welcomed by the canons.

During the French Revolution the abbey and the brewery got closed, only to be re-established years later in 1929. In 1952 Abbot Nys and Albert Lootvoet decided revive the brewing tradition of Leffe with its closely guarded recipe and to offer a range of delicious Leffe beers. Today, Ab-Inbev has taken over and made a commitment to honour the tradition of the Leffe beer, which can be traced all the way back to 1240.

The official description for the beer is as follows - "Leffe Brown is an authentic abbey beer. Both its deep, dark brown colour and its full, slightly sweet flavour can be ascribed to the use of darkly roasted malt, making every sip just as exceptional as the last".

It is a traditional Belgian abbey beer (beers brewed in the styles made famous by Belgian Trappist monks).

It is definitely one of my favourite types of beer and Leffe (both the Brown and Blond) rank amongst my top five favourite beers I have tasted.

The Brown (Brune) pours a deep dark brown colour with a fluffy off-white head which lasts quite some time. You get aromas of malt, caramel ,bread and some banana and toffee coming through. On the taste you get some hints of coffee and chocolate and toasted barley notes. It is slightly bitter, but has big flavours and a lingering delicious aftertaste. This is a rich, complex and amazing tasting beer, and you can almost taste the traditions and history of the beer!

I highly recommend this one!!

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