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Hop House 13 - Lager

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Lager from Ireland 🇮🇪


Produced by Diageo (owners of Guinness),


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A bit about the beer

Ingredients – Water, barley, Guinness yeast, Australian Galaxy and Topaz hops, and American Mosaic hops

Guiness Hop House 13, from the legendary St. James's Gate brewery (better known for the dark coloured stuff) is a result of the Brewers Project. This project allows the best brewers from Guinness to experiment with different recipes. This was the result of one such experimentation - the double hopped lager called Hop House 13. Consisting of 100% Irish-grown malted barley, the distinctive Guinness yeast and a mix of Australian and American hops resulted in what they describe on their site as "an incredibly deep beer, which is fresh at the surface and complex at the bottom".

The beer was named after a hop store building at St. James's Gate that existed in the early 20th century. It was heavily influenced by the craft beer industry which had become very successful in recent years.

The official description is that of light hoppy, floral and citrus aromas and crisp and refreshing taste.

For me, it pours a darker colour than a usual lager, almost amber clorour and has a white foamy head. You definitely get the fruity aromas and it has a much more complex taste than your average lager. It almost tends toward an IPA but not quite as hoppy and bitter as the hardcore IPAs. The balance for me is just right, and the result is a very rewarding lager which can be best enjoyed very cold on a warm day.

So, as lagers go this is one of the better ones for me and definitely a new favourite!

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