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Darling Brew - Rogue Pony

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Pale Ale from South Africa 🇿🇦


Brewed by Darling Brew

Darling, Western Cape, South Africa. 

Beer Type

Pale Ale

Alcohol %


A bit about the beer

Ingredients - Malt Barley (Gluten), Hops, Filtered Water

During a trip into Africa, Kevin and Philippa Wood were inspired by a microbrewery which they visited very early on in their trip. An idea started forming about taking this concept back to the town of Darling. Their trip suddenly became less about wildlife and more about exploring different beers from each country they visited.

Upon their return they started investing in the form of a small turnkey brewery. They faced many challenges including a very long wait for a liquor license and at some point was ready to give up on their dream, when they met Chris Barnard, a chief brewer, who agreed to contract brew for them. Chris' passion and knowledge made it possible for Darling Brew to become part of the craft beer movement in South Africa.

Inspired by the Plains Zebra, one of the most characteristic species of the savannah, the official description of the Rogue Pony is that it is an "easy-drinking pale ale. A light to medium malty base, and fruity esters in the nose. The hop bitterness is mild, with a gentle aroma hop bringing the final touch".

For me, poured from a bottle it has a deep golden colour with a white foamy head. Aromas of subtle citrus hops and light malts are prominent. The taste has notes of bitter hops which are nicely balanced with the soft citrus fruit tones. The aftertaste has a slight bitterness that lingers.

Not one of the more complex beers I have had, it lacks a little in hoppiness and could do with some added bitterness to round off the finish.

There are much better pale ales out there, but the Rogue Pony is overall and easy drinking and good beer which goes down well on a hot day.

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