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Brewdog - Dead Pony Club

Session IPA from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


Brewed by BrewDog

Ellon, Scotland.

Beer Type

Session IPA

Alcohol %


A bit about the beer

Ingredients - Water, yeast, Hops - Mosaic and Simcoe, Malts - Crystal, Extra Pale and Caramalt

BrewDog was started in 2007 in Fraserburgh by James Watt and Martin Dickie. In 2009 they purchased their first bar in Aberdeen and by the end of 2018 they had franchises operating in 78 bars worldwide. Quite an impressive success story, and they also have some accolades to boast -

  • 2008 - won the Prince's Scottish Youth Business Trust Young Entrepreneur of the Year award

  • 2008 - Paradox Grain won a Gold Medal at the World Beer Cup in the Wood and Barrel-aged Strong Beer Category

  • 2010 - Hardcore IPA won Gold at the World Beer Cup in the Imperial IPA category

  • 2011 - described as "one of the prime movers" behind the campaign which changed the law allowing new beer measures in Britain

  • 2016 - BrewDog open-sourced its beer recipes to the public, making them a form of Free Beer.

  • 2018 - it achieved a 2-star accreditation from Best Companies

  • 2020 - BrewDog opened its first alcohol-free bar in London.

  • 2020 - during the COVID-19 pandemic, it shifted its distillery production towards making free hand sanitizer for local hospitals and charities.

Back to the beer, Dead Pony Club. The official description is that it is packed with hops ("to the Pacific shores and back" with aromas of citrus, lemon-grass and lime zest, having a toasted malt base which provides the huge hop hit and ending with palate undertones of tropical fruit, floral garlands and spices.

For me, it pours a dark orange colour with not too much in terms of head which lingers just a short while. The great smell is just the start, with some flavours of ripe fruits and caramel coming through. The taste is even better, it is light, fruitful and very refreshing. It is properly hopped, very much in agreement with the official description and has a great bitter aftertaste of malts and citrus.

I thoroughly enjoyed this beer, a fantastic IPA and one I will make sure to have again and again in future.

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