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Brewdog - Clockwork Tangerine

IPA from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


Brewed by BrewDog

Ellon, Scotland.

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A bit about the beer

Ingredients - Water, malted barley, yeast, hops, natural tangerine flavouring.

For some more information about BrewDog, check out a previous review on Dead Pony Club.

For the Clockwork Tangerine, the official description is "this fully automated IPA is infused with tangerine. At 4.5% it's a stand-out session beer that packs a perfectly timed delivery of juicy citrus and mellow tropical fruit resting on a light toasty and caramel base. Fresh, juicy and sessionable. Clockwork Tangerine - the Director's cut for the twenty-first century".

For me, poured from a bottle, it has an amber colour with an orange gradient. It has an off-white head that dissipates quite quickly. Aromas of tangerines (no surprise here), grapefruit, light malts and citrus is prevalent, followed by a taste sensation consisting of hops, citrus overtones, mild toasty flavour all of which subsides into a bitter aftertaste which lingers in your mouth.

Overall another great offering from BrewDog, one to be frequented quite often in the future!

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